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What to expect on your Jet Ride!

When our jet ride passengers turn up for their flight with us, the apprehension and excitement is always the first thing you notice when they walk in to the hangar. It is almost electric! They are excited and terrified at the same time!

For the Fastjet team, knowing that this flight will push most of these people to their limits and sometimes beyond, is a challenge in itself. The team will need to carefully prepare the passengers for the flight experience they are about to undertake and ensure that they are briefed on the many safety aspects of the aircraft.

Safety Briefing

The safety briefing takes around 30 minutes and is delivered to you with extreme detail on what to do in the unlikely event of an emergency. Operation of emergency equipment and demonstrations of these operations are also delivered to the passengers.

After the briefing, you are under no illusions that the flight you are about to undertake comes with some risk, after all you're are about to get airborne in a fully operational fighter jet!

This Czech Airforce combat trainer is capable of speeds up to 910klm per hour, will burn 20 litres of jet fuel per minute during your flight... she is a thirsty machine!

Capable of up to +8 and -4 G, the G Loading on the body will be so intense that during the safety brief you will also be trained on the military "Hook" manoeuvre to help combat the crippling G forces that fighter pilots experience during many military aerobatic manoeuvres.

Light the Fire!

After the briefing its finally time to get the flight suit on, making you look like a Top Gun!

And then go get some airtime in the Albatros fighter jet! The flight time will vary depending on the flight experience you have selected.


An inflight video of your flight experience is also available for purchase (if not already included in your flight experience package). This footage is a fantastic way to share your Fastjet flight with family and friends!

So whether you are ticking off your bucket list, an adrenaline junkie, or just up for a fantastic thrilling adventure, put a Fastjet flight on your list of things to do this year!

We promise you wont regret it!

Fastjet Lap of Mt Panorama Bathurst

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