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Flight Experiences

Introductory 20 min Flight

Experience 20 minutes of general flight and mild aerobatic maneuvers, and a low level flight experience.

Under the RADAR
15 min low level flight $1250

Experience 15 minutes of low level evasive flight maneuvers


Top Gun Flight
25 min flight $2290

For 25 minutes you will get the full Top Gun experience, incorporating thrilling aerobatic maneuvers.

Dam Buster Special
30 min flight $2650

A full 30 minute flight, this will be the fastest flight of your life with all the military style maneuvers and sequences you can handle.

Group Experiences

Get a group of 6 of more people together for this flight experience.  A great team building exercise or just some fun with mates.

Experience includes 10 minutes of general flight and gentle aerobatic maneuvers. 

Custom Fast Jet Adventure Flight

Why not tailor a Fastjet Flight specifically for your needs?

Perhaps you and a friend would like to experience a 'Dog Fight' with two jets, or a military combat mission?

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