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Jetblast Training Camp: Preparing for an Awe-Inspiring Airshow Display

Recently, our Fastjet Airshow Demo Team held a jetblast training camp, a crucial step in preparing for the upcoming airshow season. Held at our home base in Bathurst, NSW, this camp was an intense, high-energy experience that showcased the dedication and skill of our exceptional pilots.

In Trail

Throughout the camp, our pilots honed their skills in our incredibly maneuverable L39 Albatros jets, aircraft renowned for their agility and performance in airshow displays. The rigorous training sessions included mastering complex aerobatic maneuvers, perfecting formation flying, and executing high-speed passes that will leave audiences breathless.

Because I was inverted @ the Pacific Airshow

Our pilots, Charlie 'Squid' Camilleri, Tam 'Jet Sheila' Camilleri, Craig 'WILCO' Wilcockson, and George 'Rainman' Ryan, demonstrated unparalleled precision and control, ensuring every move is executed flawlessly. Their dedication to excellence and continuous improvement is evident in each training sortie, as they push the limits to deliver a thrilling performance.

As we gear up for the upcoming airshow season, we can confidently say that the crowds will be in awe of our display. The combination of our pilots' high-level skills and the jets' exceptional maneuverability guarantees a spectacle that will captivate and inspire.

Formation L39 jets

Whether you're an aviation enthusiast or a casual observer, our display will leave you with memories of awe and excitement. See you at the Pacific Airshow!

L39 Albatros Jets

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