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About Us

Fastjet Adventure Flights: Unleashing Thrills Since 2008

Welcome to Fastjet Adventure Flights, where we've been igniting the thrill of adventure in the skies since 2008 from our jet base nestled in Bathurst NSW.

Our pride and joy lie in offering the ultimate aviation experience with the 'Fastest Lap' around the iconic Mt Panorama race track aboard our powerful L-39 Albatros jet.

Beyond the adrenaline-pumping rides, we also boast a versatile fleet of charter aircraft, enabling us to organize seamless pick-ups from Sydney and its surroundings.

Elevate your experience by indulging in a weekend getaway, complete with tailored accommodation packages to make your journey unforgettable.

Our team of highly experienced pilots is second to none, bringing extensive industry experience with thousands of hours logged. Each Fastjet pilot is not only an aviation expert but also a certified Jet racing pilot, qualified by the prestigious Reno Air Racing Association.

Notably, we're aslo proud to have Australia's only female L39 & L29 jet pilot as a vital part of our team, who is also one of only 4 female certified air racing jet pilots in the world.


Fastjet Adventure Flights invites you to join us for the ride of a lifetime, where the sky is the limit, and the thrill is endless!


Our Story

Fastjet founder and Chief Pilot Charlie 'SQUID' Camilleri is a retired RAAF member with over 40 years in the aviation industry.  Charlie has been around Fastjets his entire aviation career, and is one of Australia's most experienced Fastjet L39 pilots.

Type rated on the L39 and L29 Jets, and flying the L39's since importing them in to Australia in 2008, Charlie brings a lifetime of experience and dedication to the Fastjet Operations. 

Meet The Team

Charlie 'Squid' Camilleri Fastjet Pilot_edited.jpg

Charlie 'Squid' Camilleri 

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Founder & Chief Fastjet & Airshow Display Pilot


Craig 'Wilco' Wilcockson

    Fastjet & Airshow Display Pilot


    Tammy 'Jet Sheila' Camilleri 

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    Fastjet & Airshow Pilot & Instructor


    George 'Rainman' Ryan

      Fastjet Airshow Display Pilot 

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