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Learn about the L39 Albatros Jet

The L-39 Albatros is one of the most popular jet warbirds on the market today! Its sleek looks, reasonable operating costs (as far as a jet is concerned), and ease of operation explain much of the allure of this Czechoslovakian beauty.

The L-39 is a single-engine advanced attack trainer used by many of the world's air forces.

The cockpits are fully pressurized, heated and air-conditioned. Each of the tandem cockpits is equipped with enough flight controls, flight instruments, engine gauges, and system status indicators to allow either pilot to safely operate the airplane. As with most military jet trainers, the back seat was designed for instructors and, like many modern trainers, there is limited or no access to certain controls and switches in the rear "pit."

The L-39 features some relatively sophisticated systems, such as an automatic Ram Air Turbine (RAT) that pops out of the fuselage and powers the electrical buses in the event of a main generator failure or engine failure; a series of backup hydraulic accumulators and interconnect valves that allow you to extend the gear, flaps and speed brakes via emergency means; and an emergency fuel control system.

Flying in this beauty is incredibly fun! Aerobatics are easy and rewarding, the L-39 is capable of aerobatic manoeuvres between +8 and -4 and the speed for most over-the-top maneuvers is 320-330 KIAS, and a 4G loop takes approximately 4,000 feet of vertical space.

This aircraft will burn upwards of 20 litres of jet fuel per minute during low level or aerobatic procedures and holds around 1300 litres in its various fuel tanks. Capable of speeds of up to 490 knots or around 900klm per hour, this aircraft will give you the ride of your life.

L-39 Specifications:

Engine: Ivchenko-Progress AI-25TL high-bypass turbofan, ~3790 lbs thrust. Airframe: Length: 40ft 5in., Wingspan: 31ft. 0.5in., Height: 15ft. 5.5in. Empty Weight: 7,340 lbs. Max Takeoff Weight: ~10,500 lbs Performance (Real-World): Takeoff Speed: 115 KIAS Takeoff Distance: ~2,000 ft(700mtrs AMSL) Approach Speed: 120 KIAS Landing Distance: ~3,500 ft. (Minimum runway length 5000 ft/1500mtrs) Cruising Speed: 340 KTAS, 240 KIAS Max Speed: .80 Mach, 490 KIAS Fuel Burn: 155-165 U.S. gallons/hour @ 17,500' MSL Range (standard tanks): 550 NM Range (extended tanks): 800 NM Operational Ceiling: FL360

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